This is what we all need to remember about the people around us

The ultra-fit woman you see every time you go to the gym, the always-volunteering mom you know at school, the peppy influencer you follow on Instagram… They have layers of sadness and joy, happiness and pain, exhaustion and energy that you will likely never see.  Do you catch yourself thinking these things?  “I have trouble focusing on the positive and seeing my own worth.”  “I see myself as damaged and not worthy of recognition or friendship.”  “I’m trying to reconcile with my husband, after twenty years of what has been mostly a platonic relationship.”  “I wish I didn’t have to deal with a lifetime struggle with anxiety and depression.”  “My parents are aging, my kids are all almost grown and, I think I’m supposed to be a grown-up by now.”  “My biggest struggle right now is learning to be authentic, to let go of others’ expectations and just be me.”  “My biggest struggle currently is that my family is over-programmed and over-extended.”  “I’m lost I am in in a loveless and emotionally abusive marriage of 28 years.”  “I’m afraid of carrying the cycle of emotional damage I received in my childhood on to my own kids.”

The next time you are temped to thing these things, remember: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 

The Church at Lake Cherokee’s Women’s Ministry is to provide opportunities for women to know Jesus Christ, experience spiritual and personal growth, build Christian friendships, and share Jesus’ love through hands-on ministry.  We call our women’s ministry – DOCK – Daughters of Christ the King. 


The Lake Cherokee Church Women’s bible study group is a wonderful group of women where we bond through Christian spirituality, learning, and dinner.  Our leader Laura Lea is so wonderful in the way she patiently explains the Bible  like a history lesson.  She engages everyone to participate in the discussion. In the 2 years that I have been privileged to participate, I have learned more about topics in the bible than any other class or Sunday school lesson. She breaks it down so wonderfully. I look forward to each new lesson. My favorite was the  lesson on Angels! Who are they, their function, and can a person become a angel. The women’s study group is a jewel in the Church at Lake Cherokee.

-Karen Frazer Rea


“Our women’s Bible Study is a place of friendship and safety.  Attending Bible study has allowed me to build deep meaningful relationships with other women while understanding God’s Word in a more profound way.”

-Sheri Finn