Some of our favorite resources are listed on this page.  They inspire us to be better people, husbands, wives, parents, caregivers, and community members.  Some of the books help us to narrow our focus on life and clear away the clutter of life.

We are not the only readers and pod cast listeners in the church.  If you have a life changing resource that you think needs to be shared here, please reach out and share. 

Counselors that you trust, financial advisors that help you reach goals, and great places to volunteer.  Sharing these experiences with each other makes our community better. 

Thanks for growing with us.

“I’ve been to a lot of churches in my lifetime and loved them all, but the people of this church make me feel like I’m home.”


-Lynda Steele


“I think the main reason I like our church is because it’s a body of believers who love and care about each other deeply.  Helping each other along life’s journey to salvation.  There is no other church I have attended that I feel so accepted and loved like this one. “

-Beth Brashears