Next Steps

Every step we take in life leads us in a specific direction, to an ultimate destination.  We are committed to helping you grow in your relationship with God.   Life gets complicated.  We are here to help. 


Consider the following next step options. 

1.   Join us on Sunday. 

2.  Connect with us. 

3.  Connect with others. 

George Steele invited Rod and me to attend church with him and Lynda.  Rod told him he really wasnt a church goer.   George replied, “They have fried chicken after church”.  That is what got us in the door.  

When I asked Rod why we kept attending church he stated, “we didn’t know we had family at Church at Lake Cherokee”.  But that is exactly how we feel.  Church is more than a church, it is a family!

Pastor Bill and Father Mike are the first pastors who we’ve felt a connection to.  They preach the gospel and can relate scripture to their own personal experiences, thus helping us undrstand how it relates in our own lives.  

-Susan and Rod Diehl



“Ann and I were one of the original group of people who started our church.  The church is so special to me because I was on the ground floor to help establish what we have today. 

The people that attend our church is what makes it so appealing to me and Ann.  Mike was the reason we first attended.  A great friendship was built that has led us to remain members. 

The church has grown with many new members and this is a testament to our present staff.  I have so many great memories of the early days plus I am excited about our future.”  

-Ted Reeves