Why do so many men struggle with their calling or duty when God in Heaven is on our side?  When a man loses his sense of purpose, he feels like he is not enough, and he will run from the battles in his life.  When that happens, he may get caught up in an unhealthy behavior leaving him with a false sense of manhood. When a man lacks purpose, he will die a slow death doing whatever keeps the peace, pays the bills, and keeps his head above water (even if only barely). This may leave a man believing the enemy’s biggest lie – that God isn’t enough.  We begin to want what we think  we don’t deserve and don’t have, because we don’t understand that Christ in him has already given us everything we will ever need. In our men’s ministry events you will find other men that have struggled and overcome, you will find other men who love Jesus and still struggle.  Let’s do life together and make each other a little better in the process. 

“Our men’s fish fry is a great way to bring the men from the church to fellowship together and bring friends along to see how much fun we can have outside the church.   Cook it and they come!  The fish fry is always a great time.”

-Mike Hendrick


“We are so grateful for The Church at Lake Cherokee.  Gary Moore, our Brother in Law, invited us and said give it a try I think you will like it.  When we first came, we noticed how friendly folks were.  It’s easy to go just for the people but then you hear the Word of God.  The sermons are wonderful and speak to my heart.  They don’t speak over your head, they speak to your heart.   Father Mike and Pastor Bill are terrific they each have their own way of speaking and both of their personalities come through as genuine and full of love.  

When you come you do notice the friendly folks but the more you are around them it is a blessing to be around HIS believers. 

– Terry Boykin