Small Groups

To grow spiritually, you have to be connected relationally.

Small Groups are a place where people have the opportunity to experience authentic community and spiritual growth. When you join a group, you will spend time socializing, learning, and praying together.  All you have to do is show up, join in, and be real.


Small groups are diverse, interactive, and have various meeting schedules.  Each group has about 12 active people.  Small groups is where growth happens best.   You will make connections.  You will get to know people and be known by people. You will be encouraged.  We will do life together.

For more information, contact Bill Blanks 903-521-3992.

“Of the many things that make The Church at Lake Cherokee so special, perhaps the most wonderful are our small groups.  Comprised of long time friends as well as those new to our church life these small groups come together routinely in prayer, support,  fellowship and Christian Education.  They are a great enhancement to our personal journeys of faith.

– Steve Ramsey


“I love the closeness of our relationships we’ve made with in our small group. We have explored our Christianity together in a myriad of ways and have grown together as a result.” 

-June Bedford