About Us

At the Church at Lake Cherokee, we love one another.  As Jesus has loved us, we must love one another.  Loving one another as Jesus first loved us will solve every marriage problem,  show you how to be a better parent, be the example of how you become a good employee.  Oh yes, loving one another is less complicated than following lots of church rules, but way more demanding.

What does it look like to love one another?  The “one another” list from Jesus includes: Forgiving one another,  accepting one another,  caring for one another,  encouraging one another,  submitting to one another.  Here is a simple statement to live by: “When you’re not sure what to say or do, do what love requires of you.”  We want to help you to be so magnetic that you are irresistible, because you are irresistible.”

Our discipleship model is easily defined as: A follower of Jesus is one who demonstrates – one another behavior.  Great  – so what does it look like to Be a Follower of Jesus?  It is consists of 3 things:  one another behavior, prevailing faith,  and spiritual maturity.  

The 5 Faith Catalyst that our church focuses on to produce disciples are: Practical Teaching each week, Providential relationships – When we see God’s faithfulness in someone else’s life it is easier to to trust him with ours,  Private Disciplines such as prayer, bible study, or fasting,  Pivotal Circumstances, and Personal Ministries are the actions outside of the church that make a daily difference. 

Our Church’s responsibility is to have a community so strong, that when someone in the congregation goes through a trial there is someone that can care for them and interpret it for them.

Our primary concern is personal engagement, not attendance.

    “Our church is not just a place to sit on a Sunday morning.  It is the place where at my worst I still feel at my best!  A place I can serve, give, invite others to do so too!  It is the place where I can grow and watch others love for God grow, from the littlest to the most humbled and faithful servant!  It’s not about being perfect, but the place where being imperfect is perfectly fine.”

    -Lupita Salinas

    “We found our spiritual home.  

    The church is  not superficial,  they are genuinely caring, kind and accepting. We’ve made better friends in 6 years than we have had our whole lives.”


    -Kevin and Patti Rawson