Seasonal Mission Projects

Members of The Church at Lake Cherokee faithfully support families in the community directly and in cooperation with other congregations and service agencies.  As needs arise or are identified, the congregation --through outreach / ministries-- responds by assisting with utilities, food, clothing, transportation and the like.  A major portion of resources set aside for mission go to assist families in need.

Three SEASONAL MINISTRIES that The Church at Lake Cherokee is committed to are:

- Annually in August, members "decorate" Christmas Tress with schools supplies.  Near the beginning of school, members gather the supplies and donate them to area schools for children who are unable to purchase their own supplies.

- Thanksgiving and Christmas food "baskets" provide area individuals in need with traditional seasonal foods in a sufficient quantity for their family.  The church has a history of providing "baskets" to approximately one hundred families at each holiday.  The service is coordinated through the ministries of Samaritan House Ministries of Tatum.

- Christmas Gifts for area children are provided, cooperatively with Samaritan Ministries of Tatum, for families who are determined to be without the resources to purchase Christmas gifts.