Samaritan House

Dedicated to Helping Families

Samaritan House is a nonprofit organization supported by local churches including The Church at Lake Cherokee.   Samaritan House  is dedicated to helping families in need through contributions of food, financial support and hands-on participation. Among the programs of The Samaritan House is the used clothes and housewares "store" from which the proceeds support the various Samaritan House ministries.

This ministry currently supplies approximately 110 families with a monthly box of food. The box usually provides enough for three family members. We hope to continue to grow and expand both our level of support and the number of families we can help as we gain additional donations and volunteers.

Samaritan House is located at

375 East Johnson Street
Tatum, Texas
Phone 903 347-2688

For more information on how to support the Samaritan House, please contact Carolyn Williams at