Mission Possible


Men (and some women too) at The Church at Lake Cherokee are ready and willing to lend a helping hand with "chores" around the house. As an outreach ministry, a corps of volunteers will gladly help out.

Give us a call for:

  • Carpentry: stuck windows, repair loose siding or boards; lock repair;
  • Mechanical: gates, fences, help start mowers or other motors;
  • Painting: primarily small paints “jobs” / touch up;
  • Pickup/Delivery: any objects that need to be moved or transported; Plumbing: stopped up drains, replace toilet parts, repair faucets;
  • Masonry: repair curbing around flower beds, repair drives or walkways;
  • Lawn Care: remove trash or limbs, small trees or shrubs, infrequent mowing, hauling trash;
  • Electrical: replace light bulbs, switches or outlets, repair lamps; Haul: large item pickups and delivery; haul trash; pick up;
  • Cooking: temporary meal preparation.

Call Dave Clark (903 643-2833), Ray Eustace (903 643-8227), or Bill Smythe (903-643-7238).