Worship at The Church at Lake Cherokee is both regularly scheduled, weekly experiences and special seasonal celebrations.

Regularly scheduled, weekly worship is principally, but not exclusively, a celebration of the goodness, grace and forgiveness of God through sharing scriptures, songs, sacraments, and sermons graced by a spirit of prayer and and strengthened by the Spirit of God through Christ.  Church members affirm that "It is good to worship God; hear a theologically-based, thought-provoking sermon; celebrate the hope of eternal life through the Holy Communion; pray; sing and listen to a beautiful musical tribute, followed by fellowship and a great lunch with people whose company you really value." 

Central to worship is a weekly celebration of The Lord's Supper also called "Communion, The Last Supper," and "The Eucharist" realizing that the  sacrament is interpreted, received, and accepted differently according to participant's various faith traditions.  Communion is served to worshipers who remain seated as well as served by minister / priest / elders to worshipers who present themselves at the altar affirming both the symbolic as well as sacramental nature of Communion.

Because of diversity, The Church at Lake Cherokee practices Christian Baptism by immersion conducted at Lake Cherokee and by christening (sprinkling) and pouring, practiced at the font in the church sanctuary.  We believe that baptism is a sacrament and sign made by a member or in behalf of a member indicating one's eternal relationship with God through Christ.  We believe that this sacrament was modeled in faithful by Jesus as he was baptized by John.

Special / Season worship includes --but is not limited to-- Christian "seasons" and holidays such as

Advent and Christmas: Hanging of the Greens, Advent symbols and celebrations, and Christmas Eve Candle-light communion;

Lent and Easter: Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Palm Sunday, Lenten symbols and celebrations, and Easter Sunday; and

Memorial Day Observance, Mother's Day and Father's Day, Freedom Sunday prior to the Fourth of July, All Saints Celebration and Thanksgiving Sunday.

Children are welcome in worship at The Church at Lake Cherokee.   To make their worship experience welcoming, the church offers:

  • "children's bins" which are located at the back of the worship area.  The "bins" are supplied with materials planned as tools of worship and religious education and enrichment for children.  You are invited to locate a "bin" for a child's use.
  • Children's sermons, a brief worship/teaching interlude during the morning worship experience planned especially for children

Following the Children's sermon, young worshipers may gt to the Fellowship Hall education area for Extended Session.

Extended Session is a ministry for and with children four years old through the third grade offered for children during a portion of the morning worship service.  Following the Children's Sermon, children may leaven the worship area under the supervision of an adult, move to the Fellowship Hall to the church education area for age appropriate activities planned for children.

Nursery Care is also available during worship.  A staffed, qualified nursery is provided for children from to three years old during worship and most other scheduled events at The Church at Lake Cherokee.

Weddings and Funerals

Additionally The Church at Lake Cherokee believes that Christian Weddings and Funerals / Memorial Services are Christian Worship services and offered unto the Glory of God.  See information on this website about Weddings and Funerals at The Church at Lake Cherokee.