Who We Are

CrossThe Church at Lake Cherokee is a community of Christians from Gregg, Rusk and Harrison counties.  We share the rich heritage of members and participants from a wide variety of Protestant, Roman Catholic and Episcopal/Anglican heritages.  Although we do not emphasize "denomination" as a characteristic of our identity, we are affiliated  with the  Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) as youth and children are actively involved in camping, conference and retreat programs at Disciples Crossing near Athens.  Our mission is to strengthen faith and commitment through worship, fellowship, study and service:

  • worship focused on honoring God in sacrament, word and song while equipping participants more faithfully to grow in Christian service;
  • fellowship that is redemptive, inclusive and strengthens a sense of community;
  • study that is grounded in scripture and expressed in life applications and experiences; and
  • service that is primarily local and hopefully life-altering for both those that give and receive.

While some participants have little or no church or faith background, others have deep commitment and a rich history in church traditions.

The Church at Lake Cherokee exists as an augmentation to traditional Christian denominations, not as a substitute. Our purpose is to provide a "home away from home" for all Christians who love God as revealed through Jesus the Christ, and as such, encourage all members to affiliate with whatever denomination they feel best meets their spiritual needs. We respect the diverse religious backgrounds represented by those who worship at The Church at Lake Cherokee.

What makes The Church at Lake Cherokee unique?

The Church at Lake Cherokee is a committed “spiritual community” supporting one another in difficult times and celebrating with one another in times of joy.  At the same time, this “spiritual community” is commitment to be open and aware of needs in the community and responding in faithfulness.

Participants at The Church at Lake Cherokee delight in the faith and actually enjoy going to church. It is good to worship God; hear a theologically-based, thought-provoking sermon; celebrate the hope of eternal life through the Holy Communion; pray; sing and listen to a beautiful musical tribute, followed by fellowship and a great lunch with people whose company one really value. What a great way to start the week!


One Member's "Reflections" about The Church at Lake Cherokee

Welcome to The Church at Lake Cherokee
Our church is made up of members of many Christian denominations, traditions and different backgrounds, giving us a warm fellowship not found in some other houses of prayer.  We gather to be enriched through the works of the church as we gather for worship with God's Holy spirit among us.
After services and other activities, we leave with words to live by on a daily basis as we "Live the message!
Come  visit our church under the leadership of Father Mike Maxwell and Dr. Bill Smythe.  You will find activities for children, worthy programs and excellent teachings.
             -By An Active Church Member