Core Beliefs

An affirmation that binds together members of The Church at Lake Cherokee includes:

  1. Believe in God
  2. Recognize the revelation of God in Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God.
  3. Accept Scripture as God’s Word recognizing that each person has the freedom and responsibility to study and respond;
  4. Celebrate Holy Communion regularly and faithfully, finding in the Lord’s Supper confirmation of God’s love, Christ’s grace, the communion of the Holy Spirit and community with all who believe;
  5. Practice baptism recognizing that the way of Christ is costly as we also honor and accept baptism performed in other churches.
  6. Participate in mission beyond the local church;
  7. Recognize and celebrate diversity among all people and within Christ’s Church reflected in beliefs. practices and worship;
  8. Anticipate the coming of God’s reign seeking to serve God through Christ whose love, grace and dominion is without end.